Workplace ESSENTIALS before opening

With COVID-19 being the epicenter of every single person’s life, now more than ever, Occupational Health and Safety Professionals are at the forefront of this pandemic assisting and guiding industry to return to the workplace in a safe and healthy manner. Never in the history of the world or the formal practice of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in general, has the overall occupation of OHS ever been so highlighted. Thus the importance of all OHS Professionals to combine and share their collective knowledge and experience for the greater good and ultimately to combat and overcome COVID-19.

With this in mind, Saiosh has decided to launch a dedicated COVID-19 Workplace Preparedness Forum and is calling on all our Members and OHS Professionals to share their collective knowledge and experience on this Forum. This way we can all learn from one another and ultimately improve OHS controls / protocols at your workplace.  General Managers will be required to do their due diligence during this time.

The below is a short list / guideline of what information should be posted on the COVID-19 Workplace Preparedness Forum: 

  • Return to Workplace Preparedness Plans
  • Risk Assessments and Bio Risk Assessments
  • Checklist and /or Registers
  • Return to Workplace Preparedness Protocols / Procedures 

Please remember to keep your forum submissions relevant to the topic: “COVID-19 Workplace Preparedness”

Putting our collective OHS knowledge and minds together, at a time of crises, is crucial and can only benefit each workplace and the general practice of OHS.